Non Gamstop Casinos

It is fair to say that non Gamstop casino activity has increased amongst UK players. There are several good reasons for this trend. Gamstop is a self-exclusion system that allows gamblers to restrict their play. In essence, it is a way of banning themselves from casinos for a set period of time. On the surface, this seems like a useful tool. However, its tight rules and regulations has led to the emerging popularity of casinos not compliant with Gamstop.

These are usually casinos with a gambling license outside of the UK. There is a lack of self-exclusion services or restrictions that affect deposit and wagering. Their enticing welcome bonuses are attractive to new players. Loyalty programs tend to also be available to keep gamblers coming back for more. There is also often a more straightforward sign-up process in place, without the need for annoying verifications. Furthermore, modern eWallet payment options are usually available, and there is a broader range of slot and live casino games.

Casinos not on Gamstop can be just as safe as the self-exclusion focused alternatives. Gamstop is UK based, and every legitimate casino site registered in this nation will offer players the ability to lock themselves out for periods. Gamstop is not applicable to overseas operators. Therefore players looking for a greater amount of freedom are better off going for an international gambling provider. There are several to choose from.

List Of Casinos Not on Gamstop 2021:

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A Deeper Look at Non-Gamstop Casinos

What Is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a free service offered to problem gamblers within the UK. It is an independent scheme where users register their details and then choose the length of their self imposed betting ban. Once this has been completed, they will be unable to log on to online casinos that are Gamstop compliant.

The service is by no means compulsory for gamblers. However, in the near future, it is likely that all sites with licenses from the UK Gambling Commission will have to register with Gamstop. Since April 2018 more than 50,000 people have utilised Gamstop. It is fair to say that this service has helped prevent serious addicts from exacerbating their problems.

Despite its supposed benefits there are unfortunately issues with the service. A BBC expose in 2019 uncovered serious flaws with it. People are able to cheat the system by using a different email or misspelling their surname. The lack of tough enough ID checks means that Gamstop is currently not fit for purpose. Overall it is much better for players to look elsewhere for online casinos that do not require a Gamstop registration.

The Argument for Personal Freedom

People with severe gambling addictions choose Gamstop because they hope it will help them overcome their problem. However, an argument can certainly be made that it restricts personal freedom. Whilst users are free to opt into the service on their own accord, the issue is that UK gambling companies are forced into complying with it.

In the modern age, internet gamers are becoming increasingly aware of the erosions to their freedom. A nationwide exclusion will seem arbitrary to many. Others may see Gamstop as a condescending step by the UK government. They could argue that it is up to the individual to decide their own gambling habits.

Betting fans in the UK tend to prefer non Gamstop sites because they offer a greater amount of freedom and choice. This is despite the fact that Gamstop is still sometimes useful for ascertaining the quality and safety of a site. An alternative option is to simply find safe non Gamstop ones. Numerous sites of this type even offer their own self-exclusion options. This will tend to be a much better way to gamble responsibly without having to sacrifice personal freedoms.

The best gamblers will already have a decent level of self-control. They will, therefore have no significant need for Gamstop. In fact, they will likely be of the opinion that a blanket ban on all UK licensed online casinos goes too far. If this is the case, then they may choose ones based overseas instead.


When gamblers are looking for the right casino for them, they will keep an eye out for potentially lucrative bonuses. These are designed to both entice new customers and give loyalty rewards to their regulars. One problem with Gamstop compliant sites is that they may offer less attractive bonuses in order to discourage overuse. In contrast to this, ones that put faith in the self-discipline of the player could give out much better promotions.

If players cast their net out beyond Gamstop, they will likely find an independent casino with a very tempting introductory bonus. However, if this is the case, it is important that they verify its trustworthiness before signing up. The more research a player puts into their search, the more they will get out of it.

It may seem logical to go for a Gamstop site from a big brand. On the surface, they may have the best promotions, but when looked at further, this is not always the case. The reason for this is that larger casinos tend to have very big overheads. In order to save money, they reduce the overall cost of their promotions by making them smaller.

Every site is different when it comes to their offers. It is best to search for non Gamstop ones because there are simply many more to choose from. Once again, this relates to the freedom of choice for gamblers. Having access to non Gamstop casinos will mean they could find one that suits their very specific individual playing needs.

Tax Issues

Whilst Gamstop certainly has its fair share of issues, tax is not one of them. People who play on sites compliant with this service will not need to pay tax on their winnings. The main exception to this rule is if it is their only means of income. However, the issue of tax becomes more complicated on non Gamstop casinos.

It is very important that players be made aware that these sites are not always tax-free. It will depend on the laws of the country that the casino has been licensed by. Therefore, if players want to enjoy the numerous benefits of non Gamstop casinos, they will also have to take into account how much of their winnings may be taken from fees. This is especially true for countries that try to discourage non-local players by taxing them heavily. These kinds of headaches can easily be avoided by reading up on their national policies, as well as the terms and conditions of the site.

Deposit and Withdrawal

One of the biggest concerns to people unfamiliar with casinos not on Gamstop will naturally be the safe transfer of their money. Users will often get the benefit of faster processing but also lose a certain level of safety. All of the popular credit and debit card options will usually be available. Players should be aware of the fact that they might be paying with a foreign currency. There could also be fees for depositing or withdrawing.

Vouchers are a very popular method for non Gamstop casinos. They bypass the need to give out personal information. Anonymity is important for many players. So too is the fact that once paid for, a voucher will not be rejected during processing. eWallet services such as Neteller, EcoPayz, Entropay and Skrill are also widely used by players of these kinds of casinos. This is because of their high levels of security and efficiency.

In recent years cryptocurrencies have taken the gambling industry by storm. They are extremely popular with a large number of casinos outside of the UK. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple in particularly are favoured for deposits and withdrawals. They allow for anonymity without users having to worry about currency conversions. The main issue with cryptocurrencies is that their values can fluctuate wildly. Their volatility may put some players off. On the other hand, it does mean the value of winnings can be fairly low one day then skyrocket the next. Players who choose cryptocurrencies should also understand how their winnings can be spent in the real world.


Just because a player wants to avoid casinos licenced by the UK Gambling Commission does not mean they have to reject all licensed gambling sites worldwide. In fact, to do so could be very dangerous. Instead, they could choose one that is regulated by a well-respected gambling authority but without the Gamstop restrictions. Nations all over the world have these authorities which license their online casinos.

When choosing a new site, it is a good idea to check whether it is licensed and which organisation it adheres to. Then the player can research this authority and understand if there are any Gamstop style policies to be aware of. Once again, it should be noted that the level of research done by the player will correlate with their chances of finding a decent non Gamstop casino.


Slots are one of the biggest gambling games currently on the market. They are enjoyed by players all over the world, and there are several popular brands that appeal to British gamblers in particular. They will, therefore, naturally be concerned that bypassing Gamstop will mean losing access to these beloved slots brands. Luckily some of the biggest games of this type are not exclusive to UK casinos.

They are available on sites all over the world. The software companies that develop these games are not bound by Gamstop. Only the UK licensed sites that provide them are. There are plenty of other foreign ones that still offer access to the same high-quality slots titles. Sometimes it is even a wiser choice to go with a foreign casino that includes these games. This is because the player can enjoy them in combination with more enticing bonus spin promotions.

Since slots are games of repetition, it is wise for problem gamblers to limit their time playing by utilising Gamstop. However, for the rest of the gambling community, it is better to simply enjoy non Gamstop casinos whilst practising moderation. Slots are fast paced so players should keep a record of their winnings and losses over time so that they can stop once they have either made a certain profit or hit their loss limit.

Increased Popularity

Since the creation of Gamstop, there has been an increased popularity in the UK for less restrictive gambling sites. The driving force of this pushback is from players who reject the concept of government interference. These players prefer a gambling environment where personal freedom takes precedence. It could certainly be argued that Gamstop is at its core an oppressive constraint, even if its central purpose is well-intentioned.

The issues of reduced freedoms and over-regulation are not specific to the gambling industry. They are applicable to many other aspects of the internet. In fact, a large bulk of online activism is concerned with keeping the internet a place where individual choice is the highest priority. The popularity of non Gamstop casinos is also due to a distrust in the service and a rejection of the strict nature of gambling policies from the UK government. Several casino operators have resisted signing up to Gamstop or in extreme cases left the UK market entirely. When this happens, players are forced to seek casinos that are based outside of their country.

It could be argued that casino companies feel forced into complying with Gamstop and would rather do business on their own terms. When this occurs, they have no choice but to get a license from a different international regulator. Their loyal UK player base will then follow suit. It should, therefore come as no surprise that so many players are looking overseas for their gambling experiences.

The Unlicensed Market

This disruptive shift has forced some casinos to go even further and reject licensing altogether. They instead opt for the unlicensed gambling market. This tends to be favoured more by very new operators. They have not established a well-known brand and do not have the capital to conform to strict protocols. Rejecting the rules and regulations of the UK Gambling Commission is enticing for businesses that do not want the hassle of it. They still accept UK based players. However, people who wish to utilise these sites need to ensure they know the risks involved, as well as the legalities. Reading customer reviews is one good way of verifying the trustworthiness of an unlicensed online casino.

Are UK Licensed Casinos a Better Choice?

Now that players know the core basics of non Gamstop casinos, they should consider whether this form of gambling is right for them, or if they should stick with the more regulated alternative. In order to make the right choice, there are several factors to bear in mind. Gamstop compliant sites are guaranteed to handle the money of players in a responsible way. They are also well-established companies that have a proven track record of being reliable. In contrast, non Gamstop casinos are not bound by such obligations and do not have to follow the strict rules laid down by the UKGC. These companies also often newer and more open to innovative ways of doing business.

Customer support is an often overlooked but still important aspect of online gambling. The best casinos will have a high-quality support system in place. This will appeal to players who are worried about running into issues they do not know how to solve. In this regard, Gamstop has no significant relevance. There are casinos both inside and outside of the system with excellent or poor customer service. Therefore players mostly concerned with this factor will not need to worry about whether the site is Gamstop compliant. This is another scenario where reading reviews can be beneficial.

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for online gamblers. Not all safe sites are Gamstop compliant. However, they do tend to have a license from a regulator. Players should only try out the unlicensed gambling market at their own risk. In terms of payment issues, non Gamstop casinos can often offer faster processing but without the guaranteed security and safety provided by Gamstop compliant ones.

The games catalogue is not affected one way or the other by Gamstop. Players can enjoy sites with varied selections both within and outside of the UK. If the games themselves are the main factor for choosing a casino, then the player will not have to worry about Gamstop influencing their decision. However, if the bonuses for the games are important, then it is better to go for casinos not on Gamstop. This is because of the aforementioned more enticing promotions available outside of the system.

Non Gamstop Casinos Are Here To Stay

It seems likely that in the near future all casinos based in the UK will have to sign up to the Gamstop service. However, this does not mean that players based in this country will accept the new direction the market is going in. They will still engage in gambling on non Gamstop sites. The recent increase in its popularity suggests that this form of gaming is here to stay. It is unlikely that every casino operator available to Britons will want to comply with Gamstop. Therefore a new market is likely to open up that rejects such regulations. Since there is already a demand for them, these sites will almost certainly increase in number in the coming years.


Gamstop certainly has its uses. This service can help gambling addicts to manage their issues in an effective, albeit extreme way. On the other hand, self-disciplined gamblers are likely to actively seek sites that do not comply with Gamstop. If this is the case, then they should choose the gambling service wisely. It is easy to fall into several traps when picking a new online casino.

Regulation is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it is an excellent idea to gamble on sites that are licensed by a reputable authority. The problem with Gamstop is that many players will argue that it goes too far. The fact that all UKGC sites will have to sign up to it may seem arbitrary. Luckily there are still countless casinos not on Gamstop that are also safe, reliable and potentially lucrative.

Generally speaking, it is best to go for one that has been licensed. Otherwise, it can be too risky. Regardless, players should always research a new online casino thoroughly before signing up to it. Some of the best non Gamstop compliant gambling regulators include the following:

  • AAMS (Italy)
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission (International)
  • ARJEL (France)
  • Curacao Internet Gambling Association/Curacao Gaming (International)
  • Gambling Supervision Commission (Isle of Man – International)
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission (International)
  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Spanish Gaming Commission (Commission Nacional del Juego)


Are There Alternatives to Gamstop?

Yes, when it comes to self-exclusion, there are several choices besides Gamstop available. Sometimes a casino will offer its own options in this regard. There are also UK focused services and charitable organisations to turn to. These include Gamban, GamCare, Count Me Out, NetNannt and the Gordon Moody Association.

Can Players Block Non-Gamstop Casino Sites?

Whilst there is no official way to do so, it is possible for players to ask their banks to restrict payments to casinos that are not Gamstop compliant.

How Many Non-Gamstop Casinos Are Available for UK Players?

There is an abundance for players to try out. They number in the hundreds and vary greatly in terms of number of games, quality of service and overall safety.

Do Players Have Much Freedom In Terms of Restriction Times?

Yes, the standard timeframes tend to be between six months, one year or five years. It is even possible to make the exclusion permanent if players so wish. If they are looking for a much shorter timeframe, they can simply choose to exclude themselves for a few hours or days. The choice is for them to decide.